Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter in Italia

Buona Pasqua! (Happy Easter!) He is risen!
My Easter was lovely; spent time with good friends, appreciated my Savior so much more, and was able to embrace my inner housewife.

The weekend started with a trip up to Monte di Procida (love love LOVE it there), and spending the night at the Darby's. I was so very excited just to be there, and even more excited to get to help with the cooking and cleaning (yes, I was excited to was fun). I enjoyed the fellowship with our dear friends, and was enjoying the time immensely.
Sunday morning we woke up and got to cook more, and had a wonderful Easter breakfast meal; we praised the Lord for His blessings! After breakfast we went down the mountain to a lovely Catholic church, where it was so crowded we had to stand, and I heard many Italian words I didn't know. ;) I could translate "Christo" and "Pasqua," and that was about it.
After church we went to the mare (sea) and we ladies (Jenny Darby, Mom, and myself) went to a lovely shop where we enjoyed yummy capochino! I loved enjoying God's beautiful creation (we ate outside), and Italia's yummy caffe.
All in all, a benissimo weekend! For pictures, please see my Mom's lovely blog! She actually borrowed some of my pictures ;).
I love her blog, and you will too! 
Peace and blessings to you!

My capochino looking out to the sea at Monte di Procida
More pictures to come!

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