Friday, July 22, 2011

A Little Tease

The best part of studying in Arezzo was the end- getting to perform in Arezzo! We sang in a beautiful museum courtyard complete with columns and an open sky. My opera was Handel's Radamisto, and I sang the part of the queen Polissena. For those that didn't see the show, or saw it and couldn't understand ( is complex), my husband Tiridate is trying to take over my brother's, Radamisto, kingdom, and has fallen in love with my brother's wife Zenobia. In our scene Tiridate is choosing to not surrender, and the rest of us are trying to figure out what to do. Emotions are running high, and you can see we are all considering the stakes and future!

Here are some pictures from our scene: (Photography by Lana Austin who can be seen at her blog )

I truly loved playing this character and would love to explore it more; maybe someday in the future I can do Radamisto again.

If I ever acquire a copy of the video I promise to post that too. Handel's harmonies are quite glorious and I loved singing in them.
Buon giorno amici! <3

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  1. Would love to have been there. I am coming via your mother's blog and am glad to learn more about your adventure.

    What an awesome opportunity. Looking forward to hearing more about this time in your life.