Friday, July 22, 2011

Miei Amici

One of my defining qualities is that I'm quite a social person. When I go on trips or see friends I love to have pictures with them; these are the memories I treasure and look back on often. Remember the old days of printed photos? Remember film? In my home in Alabama we have a box of old photos. Hours can be lost when I decide to go through the box and peruse the captured moments. When there is a friend in the picture, the moments are all the more treasured.

On my trip (where I went to Milano, Arezzo, Firenze, e Cortona), I met some wonderful people! I am so grateful! These friends came from all over the world, and somehow our journeys meshed in this beautiful land we call Italia. I treasure my friends, and can't wait to make new ones.

My friends had a little going away dinner with me :) 

At first I quite disliked this picture of myself, but my friends all loved it for one reason: that is me. I am the girl who laughs with my whole body and this picture captured the energy and love of us all.

My bello neighbor Eder, after we decided to take a random walk one evening (so we are tired and on the metro in this picture)

 My dear friend Julia and I at La Giostra!!!

In front of the Duomo: Jackie, Julia, and Me

My darling roommate Sophia and I in the theatre before the opera

Emily and I before performing Radamisto 

More pictures to come :)


  1. I only have one word....Wow!

  2. Thanks! These memories are wonderful, but I don't write on this blog anymore. Come follow me at This Journey of Journeys now!

    Have a good day!