Friday, May 27, 2011

Fine Settimana Tre??? AHHHH!

I'm 3/4 of the way through with my stay in Milano! That's crazy!!!!! I'm excited for Arezzo, but am just now getting the hang of Milano and wish I could have more time. Sort of. Mixed emotions here!

Yesterday was a lovely lovely day which I spent with my classmate, the bella Fiammetta, and we walked around the city just taking our time and enjoying the sunny day! We even met some Americans who were touring through Europe for study abroad, and they took our picture after we took theirs. Lovely!

Today was also a neat day because I found a piano practice room that looked really neat (even had chandeliers!). I enjoyed my voice and composition practice!

The best part was definitely playing on a Steinway. *HUGE GRIN*

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  1. This is kate-eliza here , i miss you so much if a day without you is like a year without think what 4 weeks might be gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ok and then your gonna be gone for two months !!! double gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ok thats all