Friday, May 6, 2011

Roma, Napoli, e San Carlo (and more!)

Here are some pictures from the last few months :)

 Our spiaggia (beach) at Lago Patria <3

 The palace side of Teatro di San Carlo- in olden times the King would go through a secret tunnel to get to his box in the theatre. What a neat history!

 Interior of San Carlo (ceiling, curtain, seats, bella!!!)

Historic, beautiful, and CROWDED Fontana di Trevi (I only got side views because the front was completely packed with people! And by the way, it was a Tuesday morning in April...)

One of my favorite composers has a plaque!! (For my music friends, he composed my fav Italian song "M'ama, non m'ama") 

Look at all the candy!!! (We stopped here for gelato- they had EVERYTHING)

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