Sunday, May 22, 2011

La vita in Milano (settimana due) e bene!

Is it possible that two weeks have gone by? Really? And that means only two weeks are left here.
My week was pretty uneventful until the end, but that's ok. I love that if I keep my mind open then neat things can happen. I just need to not be an over-planner, and attempt to predict every minute of my life. It's more fun to leave it open!

Friday's Italian class was fun and bittersweet because it meant saying farewell to our awesome teacher Simone. (Every two weeks the teachers rotate, so tomorrow we get a new one- yikes!) Class was fun because it was the most relaxed, and we played educational games which were quite enjoyable.

After classes were done I desperately needed laundry (I must've over packed if I could last two weeks without repeating outfits...), so my neighbor and I went to find a laundromat! This was completely new to me, AND in Italian, but I actually had fun and got clean clothes. Win-win right?

I can now officially say I have successfully done my own laundry all by myself in a foreign country. (And for you Firefly fans, yes, I'm wearing a Jaynestown t-shirt). I also got some lovely exercise and sun too!
Today was the other eventful/fun day of my week: I went on a coffee date with my classmate Emma! We met at Porta Genova (trying to find a cafe, but to no avail), but I foolishly attempted wearing my high heels. My poor feet couldn't take it, so we detoured and stopped by my apartment so I could change shoes. Then we looked for a place to sit and drink around my area. I had never ventured past our school (as far as my side of town, I've gone to other sides), so we looked for a place near there- it was so lovely! It looked like Mini-Venice with water and bridges between the streets. 

Bellissima. We eventually found an OPEN place to drink (Sundays mid-afternoon, most things are sad!) called Bordo Cafe- a nice clean spot with refreshing beverages! After my coffee we stayed and were still talking, so we decided water was a must. I am always surprised by how refreshing and wonderful water is when a slice of lemon is in it! 
So we're talking, and suddenly....we see zombies... We had seen them earlier at the metro where we met, but this time we got up close with the undead. I'm serious. We quickly left our seats to photograph them, and they loved loved loved the attention. As soon as I pulled out my camera, three or four zombies circled around me and moaned in that stereotypical zombie way.

That was an interesting interlude to our afternoon! But I was quite amused, and honestly laughed when they circled around me. All in all, my day was a perfect ending to a nice week. I wonder what week three will bring! 

Ciao ciao! <3

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